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Elim Training exists to assist you in becoming anointed and practically equipped to serve in whatever environment you have been called to.

Elim Training's passion is to pass on knowledge (knowing) that encourages exploration, understanding, insight and fresh perspectives on important issues of our faith and the practice of ministry today.

However, training must go beyond the gathering of information to the formation (being) of the image of Jesus in us. This paradigm of training leads to vocational opportunities (doing) so that all become equipped for effective lives of service.

In Elim, we don't see training as a one-off event but rather a lifetime of ongoing development. Sharpening the skills, gifts and wisdom God has given us to serve Him and others most effectively.

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A practical training event geared towards ministers who are leading in significant roles alongside a senior Elim minister.
Imagine how you could impact your community when you increase your influence outside of the church.
A webinar series on simple skills to improve your project and event management.
Learning about and understanding sexual abusers of children.
Register for this series of practical workshops that will help equip you to become a more effective coach and leader of others
Helping you and your church develop an expectation to hear God's voice, see people healed and come to know Jesus.
This School of Worship will accelerate your growth, equip you as a worshipper and ultimately inspire your church.
Want to sharpen your evangelistic edge? The Evangelism Academy will help you to share your faith with others.
A 12 month journey of learning and discovery for anyone seeking to serve with Elim as a missionary.

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