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My journey so far

Liam Husband reveals how he came to know Jesus after being jailed for armed robbery.

At ten years old my time was spent in the park with older kids around me.

Everything they did, I did, just for their acceptance.

This meant that whatever was put in front of me, I never refused. First gas, then cannabis, then alcohol.

By the age of 16, I had tried most drugs. I loved the escape they gave me, I felt safe in the bubble wrap of emotion which meant any abuse directed my way had little effect. I’d learned to cope my way.

Needless to say, school wasn’t the top of my priorities, just the consumption of whatever poison I could get.

I was kicked out of school in year eleven.

For six months, I was sectioned after trying to hang myself. I simply didn’t want to live.

At 19, I was sentenced to two and a half years for armed robbery and kidnapping.

The first night in the prison was a blur, but I remember the door closing, and my life flashed before me. This was never the plan.

On my release, I was straight back into it with some kind of death wish. I started injecting heroin and smoking crack cocaine. I would take any opportunity in front of me to get the money I needed for drugs.

Two prison sentences later, and after another failed suicide attempt, something changed within me. I knew I needed to change, so I did everything I could to get into rehab.


Then I was given a brochure by my chemist for a rehab in Shropshire run by Christians.

In September 2006, I nervously entered drug treatment.

For the first time in my life, I felt safe. The staff were amazing and lived out their faith. It compelled me to attend church and Alpha.

The truth of the gospel took over my life, Jesus began a work in me, and in April 2007, I was baptised in the Rupununi River in Guyana.

Whilst there I felt God call me into ministry. I graduated from Redcliffe College in 2010.

In the last 16 years, I have seen Jesus restore my life first-hand. I’m married with four amazing children. I love what I do, serving the community of Bournemouth at Hope Community Church.

Today, more than ever, people need community and they need to hear the gospel. There is no better high than seeing Jesus change lives, restore what was broken, and set people free.

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