In conversation with Rachel Jordan Wolfe

Rachel Jordan Wolfe is Hope Together’s executive director. She gets very excited about research and how it can help us in reaching those who don’t Jesus.

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Rev Mark Greenwood is National Evangelist and Head of Evangelism for Elim Pentecostal Church in the UK. In this high energy and fun podcast Mark's guests bring their stories, wisdom and insight resourcing Elim’s National Evangelism Vision which he believes is for the broader global Church.

Whether you are a leader, emerging leader or doing the work of an Evangelist this Podcast is for you.

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Laurence Singlehurst is the former National Director of YWAM, and he helped start March for Jesus. Listen to his conversation with Mark Greenwood.
Christian Vision's global mission is to introduce people to Jesus by creating content that presents and introduces ‘unreached’ people groups to Jesus through digital campaigns.
Mark Greenwood interviews Debra Green, who leads Redeeming Our Communities. God has used her to bring together many agencies and people to transform communities.
Hope Together is a catalyst for bringing churches together to transform communities in villages, towns and cities.
Mark Greenwood interviews Marie-Louise Aitken, who heads up Alpha England and Alpha UK networks, about Elim's evangelism partnership.

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