Resourcing your church's online vision with digital media

Christian Vision's global mission is to introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to become his true followers. They do that online by creating content that presents and introduces ‘unreached’ people groups to Jesus through digital campaigns.

Christian Vision (CV) is all about the online space. They have a track record and have recently reported one billion engagements with their short videos that are gospel-focused. Mark Greenwood interviews his friend and former-Elim minister Oliver Raper about how CV can help Elim as we partner with them.

What do you do as an organisation?

CV is a global Christian charity whose mission and goal is to introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to become his true followers. CV’s online vision is to create content that presents and introduces ‘unreached’ people groups to Jesus through digital campaigns.

We also mobilise individuals and churches to share the gospel through various online platforms and by joining the yesHeis app community.

We offer all CV resources, video content and online training free to those who can use them to tell others about Jesus.

What do you see God doing in the UK?

The challenges we face are immense, but the opportunity to share the gospel has also never been greater. Recent Covid restrictions forced many church leaders, who had never considered using online platforms as part of their outreach options, to venture into streaming their services.

The online space is the meeting place of the masses in today’s world. We can be heard by those immediately surrounding our churches if we are willing to engage and join the conversation that leads people to Jesus.

At CV, we have seen a huge increase in those viewing our content online and opening the door to continue the conversation with us. The online space is one of this generation’s great commission moments and opportunities!

Why partner with Elim?

Christian Vision can never replace the local church, nor do we want to. We see our role as supporting and equipping the local church in getting its voice heard. That said, CV is resourced in a way that very few churches are, to use its resources in creating high-quality shareable content. As a result, the partnership we form with Elim helps CV to fulfil the role God has called us to. Partnership is not about duplication but about multiplication! CV exists to support the vision of the local church in the UK by providing online tools for others to use.

How can you help our local churches reach out more effectively?

We can inspire, train and equip Christians to be more effective in starting the online conversation that leads people to the local church. We can enable local churches to better understand how to provide answers to the questions being ‘searched’ online. And we can provide free, high-quality digital content that churches and organisations can download and share.

What resources will be available to our churches?

There are various options through which individuals, churches and organisations can partner with us and access the media and tools we have available:

  • CVOutreach connects people who encounter evangelistic content online to a local church or believer near them, providing a bridge between the online and offline world.
  • yesHEis equips young adult Christians to confidently share Jesus with anyone in their world by providing them with shareable evangelistic videos and training content.
  • CVResources is an online library of free, downloadable high-quality videos and digital assets to equip churches and ministries.
  • CVTraining is an online space for churches and individual Christians to learn how to reach out.

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Watch Mark interview former-Elim minister Oliver Raper, about Christian Vision and Elim's strategic evangelism partnership.

Can digital media be an evangelism gateway?

Chris Cartwright and Gary Gibbs discuss with Mark Greenwood why using resources from CV Global will help Elim churches reach out in the online space.

Article first published in the August 2022 issue of Direction, Elim’s monthly magazine. Subscribe now to get Direction delivered to your home.

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