News from Geoff and Erica Saunders, Zimbabwe - August 2022

JoSquared come to Zimbabwe


In July, Joseph and Joanna came to Zimbabwe to share a wedding reception with relatives here and give Joanna to see Joseph’s homeland. The reception took place at Gateway High School where the school generously allowed them to use the school hall for free.

Joseph and Joanna were able to visit Erica’s mother at her rural home in Nyanga North. They were also able to visit some of Zimbabwe’s sites with Erica and Elizabeth. Geoff was at work at school but was able to take a few days off to join the others at Imire game park just outside Harare.

Widows Ministry

In July Erica and twelve other widows went to Marondera to pray and encourage Grace Katiro. Grace, whose husband Dr Farai Katiro died suddenly of Covid last year. The women had a wonderful night having a group counselling and grief share meeting Pray for Grace as she considers the future of ASYM, the Africa Street Youth Ministries, that was launched by Farai to provide family support to street kids.

Erica was invited to minister to women at a conference in Zambia arranged by Pastor Ndolo in Serenje near Ndola. On the day they were to depart news came that Ambuya, Erica’s mother, had been rushed to hospital with crippling high blood pressure. Two of Erica’s colleagues proceeded to Zambia where they took part in a very successful conference. Meanwhile, Erica and her sister, Paida, proceeded to Regina Coeli Hospital where they found Ambuya’s condition much improved and were able to take her back to her home before bringing her to Harare the following day. After seeing a few doctors we thank God her BP is now under control. On Monday she had a cataract successfully removed.

Annual Conference

Thursday -Sunday 25-28 July

Our annual conference takes place at Crofton, just outside Rusape where the church is developing a primary school and conference centre. Development is still in its early stages with two classrooms completed. Delegates are accommodated in tents and the meetings take place in a marquee. This is the first opportunity for Andrew Mautsa to address the convention in his new role as General Overseer. We look forward to learning how he intends to take the church forward. Erica is leading a session on fundraising on Friday evening.

ACSI Training

While Erica is at the Conference, Geoff is attending the first, six-day session, of a training programme with the Association of Christian Teachers International. He is training to become a trainer in ACSI’s “Pathways to School Improvement” programme. The programme over 3 years equips trainers to train school leaders that want their schools to be more effective as Christian schools. Currently there are more than 20 Christian schools in Zimbabwe that are engaged in the programme.


  • Joseph and Joanna’s wedding reception and time in Zimbabwe.
  • Ambuya’s improved health and successful cataract operation.
  • Good health


  • Annual Conference Thursday -Sunday 24-27 July
  • Grace Katiro
  • The Pathways to School Improvement Programme
  • Pastor Mautsa and his team as they lead the church forward, especially
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After much prayer and consideration, we been led to a decision to leave the Philippines and resettle back in the UK in January 2023.
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