Have you ever found yourself wanting for some good news?

Maybe about a job, a medical issue or even an unexpected piece of good news like your Amazon order will arrive today.

Even a seemingly small piece of good news,  expected or unexpected, can really brighten your day. If ever there was a time for some really good news it’s now.

Imagine hearing some really good news that will not only brighten your day, but it will brighten your life. Not only will it transform your day, but it will change your life.

When you discover the person and story of Jesus, it might not be what you expect, but it certainly isn’t a disappointment. It’s a message that continues to impact lives today.

Would you be willing to go on a journey to discover the excellent news of Jesus and the hope and life that he brings to the world?

Maybe this really good news is just what you need to hear, so why not try Alpha?

Alpha is a series of weekly sessions where you can explore the Christian faith in an open-minded and welcoming environment.

There is no cost and no pressure. Just lots of great conversation and space to think about.

No two Alphas look the same, but they generally have three key things in common: hospitality, a talk and good conversation. Each session includes time for discussion where you can share your thoughts about what you have heard.

Whatever questions you've got, you can ask them at Alpha.

Find an Alpha event near you, at an Elim church or online.

 What do you think? Ask your questions about life at Alpha

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