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We are committed to training, developing, and supporting leaders across the Elim movement and beyond, seeking to develop servant leaders who are committed to working on behalf of others and have a positive contribution to make in wider community life.

We are thrilled when we see men and women serving God to their fullest potential, and individual growth is always in the stretch; it is rarely comfortable, but always retrospectively satisfying.


Chris Cartwright pays tribute to the life and ministry of outstanding Elim minister John Lancaster, who died in October 2022.
A group of pastors reflect on the Elim Leaders Summit 2022.
New York pastor Rich Villodas was a guest speaker at the Elim Leadership Summit, and also has a new book out.
Evangelists usually have an itinerant ministry, preaching somewhere different every week. But what’s it like as an evangelist based in a local church?
Why would God bring us all this way to have our vision curtailed?
A different approach to youth work built on one-to-one relationships across generations is helping transform an Elim church in Scotland.

“Elim had always been my home, heritage and family. When they started to talk about Elim as a tribe at the Elim Leaders' Summit, I knew I wanted to serve as part of the movement. ”  

Ashley Nixon, third-year Undergraduate at Regents Theological College 

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