Discovering, developing and deploying new generations of transformational leaders across Elim

Are you exploring the call of God in your life and seeking to understand what applying to the Elim Ministry involves? Discerning that calling is just the first step of a journey that can last a lifetime for many people. It is also such an important journey for us as a Movement that we believe there needs to be clarity about the requirements, expectations and journey involved in applying for acceptance as an Elim Minister.

Christian ministry is essentially about participation in the ongoing ministry of Christ Himself, who invites us into all that He is doing today by the power of the Spirit.

One of Elim’s foundational truths states:

We believe in the ministries that Christ has set in His Church, namely, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and in the present operation of the manifold Gifts of the Holy Spirit according to the New Testament.

What does this truth mean today, in the 21st century?

In so many ways it means the same as it did at the birth of the Church – that God calls men and women to serve Him with the gifts, nature and character He has put within them, but also that He ‘sets apart’ some to greater responsibility in equipping, resourcing and leading the Church to fulfill the mission and mandate of Jesus in the world.

Now, these are the gifts Christ gave to the Church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do His work and build up the Church, the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:11

Crystal Palace

The Elim Ministry stretches back to the days of our founders when compelled by the mission of Jesus, they sought to spread the message of the gospel across our nation and established churches in the wake of the Spirit’s moving through their lives.

Today our goal is no different. We want to find in the Elim ministry a team of courageous, flexible, navigational leaders who will hold on to our DNA, but understand the new terrain we are in and can navigate a way through it, transforming the churches they are in, and the communities they serve.

Ministry in Elim today sees men and women ministering as pastors, evangelists, pioneers, missionaries, chaplains and in specialist areas that are serving local churches as well as our Movement nationally.

Why should you consider applying to the Elim ministry?

Because you are stirred, even compelled by an inner persistent call that needs to be tested. The call of God is something that is invariably recognised by others, by your leaders, family or friends and leads us towards opportunities to serve God and His purposes with increasing responsibility in the church family.

However, being as fully informed as possible about the responsibilities, challenges and demands of Christian ministry is very important. As exciting a prospect as it may seem, you will need to have some understanding of what is involved in mission and ministry in a changing society and the kind of tasks that you may be called upon to undertake.


What should you know if you are considering applying to be part of the Elim ministry?

  • An Elim ministry credential is not required for you to serve on teams in your local church. As a Movement, we believe in releasing all believers to use their gifts wherever God has called them to serve, across all spheres of influence in every career, vocation, profession and interest in life.
  • The Elim Pentecostal Church is not a credentialing body. We do not simply credential people’s individual ministry. An Elim credential is the recognition of a person’s ministry within Elim for the greater benefit of the vision and aspiration of the Elim Movement.
  • The Elim ministry recognises those who have been called to serve not only the local church but the Movement in a specific leadership role that furthers the mission and ministry of the Elim Pentecostal Church.
  • In some circumstances, an Elim ministry credential will be issued to an individual who represents Elim in a wider ministry context beyond the boundaries of the local church but in the public sphere.
  • Within Elim, we recognise that those who apply to join our ministry should have received a specific calling on their life to serve God in public Christian service.
  • We believe that becoming a minister in Elim requires significant spiritual and personal formation and includes a good theological education.
  • Preparation for ministry is not designed to be a quick and easy process, but a time to develop one’s readiness to serve God, through the local church and in the wider community.

The benchmarks for application to the


The following are what will be expected of those wishing to apply to the Elim Ministry:

  • Applicants will have attended an ‘Exploring the Elim Ministry’ seminar
    The seminars will take place throughout the year and the dates of the next seminar will be confirmed after completing the online form.

  • A positive attitude and commitment to the ethos, vision and values of Elim, and an obvious desire to connect into the broader context of Elim
    Applicants will have demonstrated an appreciation of Elim and their application will convince us that they will play a meaningful part in Elim as a Movement and not only a particular local Elim church.

  • A proven track record of ministry experience in the local church
    It is expected that a candidate will have been in committed involvement of an Elim church for a minimum of two years and 
    be leading a specific ministry or functioning as a key member of a ministry team.
  • Foundational studies in biblical theology and leadership
    An applicant should have completed some theological studies prior to their application. Where this has not taken place at a recognised Bible School they will be required to complete ‘The Elim Ministry Foundation Certificate’ accredited by Regents Theological College (RTC).

  • Evidence of Christian maturity and continuing growth in discipleship Reference will be made to interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain healthy relationships, particularly in marriage, the home, the community and with local church leadership.
  • A reference from your local Elim church
    We will request a reference from the lead pastor of your Elim church, on behalf of the local church leadership team, to support your call to Christian ministry.

The pathway to Elim Ministry

This chart shows the application route towards acceptance as an Elim Minister.

Those who are accepted as a Minister in Training will then undertake 3 years of training, which commences upon appointment to an Elim church or Elim ministry. More information on the nature and context of the Minister in Training programme will be presented via an Induction course which each successful applicant will be required to undertake.

Ministry registration of interest

Register your interest by completing the online form.

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All enquiries regarding the Elim Ministry are processed through the office of the General Superintendent under the supervision of the Director of Ministry, Stuart Blount.